>>  My story about Rose’s …..Never thought of this flower before ,how all the women’s in the whole world would dream about how pretty they are and amazing fragrance from it, make no Wonder the whole world every ladies would amazed of it beauties.Today i just realise , while harvesting big bunches of Rose petals in many different type of colour, and every colour has owns vibrant smell showed it characteristics .I love all plants in general, but flowers” their are magnificent. The aroma vibrantly blended with so many different colours and shape absolutely just amazing. I guess I’m lucky the way ,my way of living . having encounter to so many possibility of living closely to the Nature and i enjoy the experience in so many way.

When i was young girl,i learn how we live to survive living in the wild of nature for everyday ,hunting and acknowledges the existence in return with full respect and honour to it present.

This is one example the blessing of Rose’s and how i can preserved for prolonged use the benefit from what it has to offer.By:AOR