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The emphty one is directly related to the side effects that don’t
we are unaware or unexpected. ”

Humans are not the only civilization that lives in the world because of two opposite thumbs. This is related to our complex brain architecture, which helps us to move forward in life.

We are not only born with physical senses, but we also have mental muscles, such as care, empathy, love, love, etc. Empathy is one of the most essential. It represents the ability to express the resonance of our inner emotions.

It’s not easy to be empathetic, because we don’t receive enough appreciation for it and we experience many consequences with every superpower we get from empathy. We never understood that there were some negative effects from being an empathy:

1. They are emotionally hypersensitive

Empath is a very sensitive person, because they feel every emotion deeply. This hypersensitivity often causes problems in their lives. For example, try to double the intensity of your emotions. So, vulnerability caused by emotional stress is a common characteristic of empathy.
They easily absorb emotions


like a sponge to absorb emotions. When they are accompanied by people, they easily catch the emotions of others. That is, it is a fact that we take on the characteristics of the people around us. Therefore, pay attention to the people who are surrounded by you.

3. They feel that they have no place

You have no home. You hang around and fail to find a place to settle down. Even if you like the place, after some time, you begin to feel that you are not his. You are never satisfied with one place and you want to explore as much as possible.

4. They want to make the world a better place

All empathy has the desire to make the world a better place. They intensively want to change the world, because they feel deeper than others and can determine the bad things that are happening in the world. They are not able to ignore problems and tend to deal with them.
They believe in their intestines

Empathy believes in their intuition or intuition. They cannot eliminate their inner feelings and choose to be careful of things rather than avoid them. They can face the world only to believe in their intestines.

6. They are overwhelmed by relationships

They always give up, because they don’t know how to receive love and love. They are afraid of vulnerabilities and feel drained when they are attached to someone. They are afraid to express their emotions. Face it; You are afraid of not getting love back with the same intensity as you avoided expecting.

7. Negative people find ways to enter their lives

Empaths always attract other people. The law of attraction works for them. Negative people always find ways to enter in their lives looking for positivity and love. Because they often can’t deal with them, they carefully choose people in their lives.

8. They are nature lovers

They believe that nature calms stress. Every time someone asks for help, they go to nature to find comfort and peace.
Their hearts are bigger than everything.

It is a fact that empathy is more human than others. They sincerely care for others and do not hide their emotions. They think that if they do good to others, good will happen to them too.

10. They find it difficult to separate their feelings from others

Empaths chose their friends carefully and wisely. However, when they get close to someone, they find it difficult to let go. When they realize that good people are rare, they will do nothing to keep them alive.

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Photography via @ cathalmacan /Dublin.Ireland.